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In the UK the fastest growing segment of loans is the Secured Loan, this enables home owners to consolidate debts or make home improvements. With the sector now fully regulated we have seen a number of institutions and investment Banks enter in to this form of investing. With many fund managers also now opting for this easy approach to high returns.

SmartInvest is a brokerage service matching up investors with borrowers via Regulated mortgage lenders. Your money is pooled with others to minimise exposure to any one lender or borrower.

The SmartInvest secured Loan Note gives investors the opportunity to benefit from an indirect involvement in the UK second charge, secured loan market. With liquidity shortage in the UK consumers have few choices creating an opportunity for niche lending. This form of peer to peer lending is already very popular in the USA, allowing private individuals to become banks and set the rates of borrowing. Acting as a broker between lenders and borrowers, peer-to-peer lenders can offer a better rate to both sides without the weight of regulation and the expensive branches that typically make high street banks so cautious.


Investors will earn a minimum NET return of 14.3% every year, over the term of the investment.
Secured Loan Notes can be issued from 1 to 25 years in duration
Highly Experienced Management Team
Investors can choose to receive there repayments annually or every 2 months
Equity Invested will be returned to the investors in full at the end of the loan
Strict lending application process to UK home owners only
Not involved in unsecured or payday loans
Low risk investment under pinned by a highly experienced management company
Niche Lending opportunity – within 5 years the sector will be dominated by the banks
Stable and steady investment, no stock market volatility to deal with.
Compounded Interest has historically outperformed the stock markets

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